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Floyd Mayweather: “I’m Going to Fight Guys Who Have a Whole Country behind Them”

27 July 2020, 11:33
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Floyd Mayweather’s statements about the possibility of his fight against Manny Pacquiao became popular in many sports news. The 43-year-old boxer has expressed an uncomplimentary opinion about Pacquiao’s achievements.

Floyd Mayweather: “I’m Going to Fight Guys Who Have a Whole Country behind Them”

The thing is that boxing fans want to watch the rematch between these two boxers, but Mayweather doesn’t like this idea. According to him, the Filipino professional boxer is beneath his notice as he hasn’t achieved enough in his career. Floyd has emphasized that Manny fights because he has to, while he does it for amusement.

Mayweather says that he has made more against McGregor

Despite an attractive opportunity to become an owner of one hundred million dollars and increase his assets, Mayweather states that he isn’t going to compete against Manny. He continues to call himself a “businessman” who is interested only in top-level opponents. Moreover, he said that the match with Conor McGregor three years ago was more profitable for him.

However, whatever the American says in his interviews, it seems like he is afraid of getting beaten by a stronger rival – Pacquiao. During their match, he hardly defeated his opponent, and it wasn’t an easy bout for him. That is why his rejections to meet Pacquiao in the ring again mean that he doesn’t want to take risks.

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