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El Clasico Preview: Barca's Revenge or Real's Home Walls?

9 April 2021, 12:02
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Even though both teams were seriously struggling in the first half of the season, the end of the year can be not so disastrous. The recent El Clasico will arguably influence the champions’ race in Spain, grabbing the whole world's attention. Login Casino continues following the shakiest sports news, now previewing the Real vs. Barca clash.

El Clasico Preview: Barca's Revenge or Real's Home Walls?

A battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona is probably the best-known football match in the world. Although the beginning of the COVID-19-affected season has been tough for both Spanish giants, now they can expect to grab two cups (La Liga and UCL for Real, La Liga and Copa del Rey for Barca), which is an excellent result even during the perfect year.


While Real suffers from this aspect more than its opponents, the latest game against Liverpool in the UCL has shown that Madrid is able to overcome the absence of Ramos, Varane, and Carvajal - the three main defenders. The public expects a return of Hazard to the bench at least, but shining Vinicius (two goals to English club) looks preferably at the moment from all the sides.

Barca also has major problems with defenders, as Ronald Koeman cannot rely on Pique and Roberto, while Umtiti is also out. There is some trouble with midfield where the public won't see Coutinho and Pjanic, but those guys aren't playing the essential role in the team at the moment.

Tight positions in La Liga

One of the closest looks at the match will be from the side of Atletico Madrid, which is only 1 and 3 points above Barca and Real, respectively. Simeone's squad has dominated the first half of the season in Spain but now has to turn around and hope for the chasers' losses.

Barca will arguably look for revenge as they've lost 1-3 in autumn on Camp Nou, while Zidane wants to continue his successful streak against the Catalonian club. Adding a tough race for the top spot will force both teams to battle for victory and save a shaky season, which is the best reason to see the giants' match. 

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