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Eddie Hearn: “We Want Dillian Whyte to Fight against Tyson Fury ASAP”

23 July 2020, 09:43
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Wrangles in the sports world aren’t something unique and rare. Sports news and rumors are always full of arguments between promoters and their boxers. This time Deontay Wilder and Dillian Whyte can’t arrive at a consensus on who will be the next to face Tyson Fury in the ring at the nearest time.

Eddie Hearn: “We Want Dillian Whyte to Fight against Tyson Fury ASAP”

Deontay Wilder’s managers insist that he should be the upcoming opponent for Fury, while Eddie Hearn thinks that Dillian Whyte should take his place. In promoter’s opinion, the Bronze Bomber isn’t ready for this bout.

According to Whyte, the Gypsy King is better than Wilder in all aspects, and it is nonsense to hold the third fight. He has said many unpleasant words about the Bronze Bomber’s boxing skills, emphasizing that his balance is awful and punches aren’t heavy enough to win the victory over Fury. Dillian added that Wilder couldn’t change anything in his technique within his career. It means that chances for his beating his rival now are very slight.

The war of words between the promoters

However, Deontay’s manager, Shelly Finkel, doesn’t think so. He states with confidence that the rematch will take place this year under any circumstances. In contradiction to Eddie Hearn who continues to press his point that Dillian Whyte is more ready for this bout.

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