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Does UCL 20/21 Mean End of Ronaldo-Messi Era? Who's Next?

10 March 2021, 12:01
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Juventus was close to going through Porto into the eighth of the final stage of the UEFA Champions League (UCL), but the away goal rule stopped Ronaldo and co. Will Messi repeat the unfortunate fate of his rival in today's match against PSG? Or is it time for Mbappe and Haaland to lead the standards for the upcoming decade? The LoginCasino team reviews the latest sports news and yesterday's matches, predicting the Ronaldo-Messi era's fall.

Does UCL 20/21 Mean End of Ronaldo-Messi Era? Who's Next?

The crazy year 2020 continues a negative influence on football, with a lot of teams suffering from tight schedules and after-covid recovery. The disastrous disbalance in the game due to numerous injuries is facilitated by the live audience absence on stadiums and serious economic downfall. Finally, the icons of the last 15 years, Messi and Ronaldo, seem to leave the most prestigious club tournament in Europe at the earliest play-off stage.

Porto astounded Juventus; Ronaldo was helpless

The draw of the final 16 round of the UCL was rather comfortable for the Turin club, which received a Portuguese team, although the first game in Portugal was tough for the Italian champion, and even ended with 2-1 lost to the underdog. The Turin club had all the chances to make a comeback at home, but Ronaldo and company even lost the first half of the second game 0-1. The second yellow card for Taremi at the beginning of the second half seemed to be an unresolvable task for Porto, especially after the two goals from Chiesa. However, the Portuguese squad was able to save the net from another goal, transitioning the game to overtime.

While Juventus was planning one more goal and finishing the game, Oliveira surprised with the cunning free-kick, sending the ball under the wall. While it seemed to be over for Juventus with only 5 minutes to score twice (because of the away goal rule), they were able to score in just 3 minutes, leaving the piece of hope for the last 120 seconds. However, the Portuguese side was passionate about saving the needed result and go to the last eight stage. Surprisingly, Ronaldo didn't have a lot of chances and overall influence on the game, with other players trying to save Juventus. Whether the 36-year-old player will have another chance for the UCL cup is a rather controversial question.

Can Messi save Barca from the disastrous situation?


The home defeat 1-4 gives almost no chances for Barcelona to make a comeback, but almost every football fan remembers a 6-1 victory in the same duel a few years ago. Nonetheless, there are way fewer preconditions for a miracle today, even though Koeman seems to have some progress in the last weeks. Also, when Messi is on the field, magic is always possible.

At the same time, Barca has to deal with Mbappe, who is one of the main contenders to dominate the game after the Messi-Ronaldo era. The French beast was an unsolvable task for Barca in Catalonia, and little may change in Paris. Nonetheless, football scenarios are always hard to predict, especially in the season 20/21. There are no doubts that Lionel Messi will try to save the dignity and postpone the end of his and Cristiano's era in football, sending Mbappe and Haaland a message that they are still behind the back.

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