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Diaz Is out of UFC 244 Having Failed a Drug Test

25 October 2019, 11:29
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UFC star Nate Diaz announced that he had failed a drug test. Thus, the 34-year-old American will not fight against Jorge Masvidal at the UFC 244 tournament.

Diaz Is out of UFC 244 Having Failed a Drug Test

The fighter himself does not admit his guilt. According to Diaz, he takes only organic food and natural nutritional supplements, banned substances are not included in his diet. The American claims he will not return to the cage until USADA, the UFC or any other responsible organization rectifies the situation. Diaz adds that he will not have his name tainted since he is not a cheater and will not keep quiet till the end of the fight in order to make more money. His dignity and legacy are much more important for him than money. 

The fighter shared all this information on Twitter. His opponent Masvidal supported Diaz having said that he is one of the cleanest fighters. Masvidal also does not believe USADA and is looking forward to facing Diaz on November 2.

It is noteworthy, in the last fight, Diaz defeated Anthony Pettis by unanimous decision. Masvidal, in his last fight, set the UFC record by knocking out Ben Askren in five seconds.

As mentioned earlier, a former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez claims that not all the best fighters in the world compete for the UFC.

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