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De La Hoya Believes He Can Still Surprise GGG in the Ring

11 January 2021, 11:41
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Oscar De La Hoya intends to join a boxing veterans' returning trend but wants a top opponent for his ring work. In the latest interview, he has said that he can be better than Kamil Szeremeta, the last opponent of Gennadiy Golovkin. Login Casino analyzes the latest sports news and explains the chances of organizing such a clash.

De La Hoya Believes He Can Still Surprise GGG in the Ring

The 'Golden Boy' and one of the legendary boxers in the world, Oscar De La Hoya, has already declared his ambition to return to the ring. This growing trend of boxing veterans back to the ring is pretty similar as almost everybody declares that he wants top opponents. The legendary American aims to face one of the best middleweights representatives – the Kazakhstani Gennadiy Golovkin.

The latter was rather persuasive in his last bout against Kamil Szeremeta, knockouting the Polish boxer in the 7th round. The 'GGG' proved that he is still among the best fighters in his 38.

The opponent's age is probably one of the biggest weaknesses De La Hoya can rely on. Being 47 years old, Oscar can try to return to his best physical conditions and book the top boxing title against the aged Kazakhstani. Even though the nine-year difference seems to be small for professional boxers, the 'GGG' will have a crucial advantage.

Is this fight really possible and worth fans' attention?

The last fight between boxing veterans Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. significantly doubted the attractiveness of such bouts for the audience. Even lighter rules didn't transform the bout into the real clash, while the draw and two simultaneous belts poisoned the whole impression from the show.

However, none has to underestimate the attractiveness of De La Hoya's return. Being under 50 gives him a chance to return to good shape and book another kind of exhibition bout, just like Floyd Mayweather is making at the moment. Facing another boxing veteran or battling with a young but unprofessional media personality can still attract enough audience.

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