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Chelsea and Bayern Did Crucial Steps Towards Quarterfinals

24 February 2021, 12:08
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The away goal in the contest with Atletico Madrid gives Chelsea a significant advantage, but that is only half of the way to quarters. Instead, Bayern Munich scored four in Rome to show Lazio that one of the quarterfinal's spots is already taken. What are Borussia Monchengladbach's chances in the match against astonishing Manchester City, and can Atalanta cause enough problems for Real Madrid? Login Casino follows the latest sports news in football, reviewing Tuesday matches and explaining what to expect from Wednesday ones.

Chelsea and Bayern Did Crucial Steps Towards Quarterfinals

Chelsea made an important step to pass Atletico but not a vital one

That was one of the equal pairs in the last-16 stage of the recent UEFA Champions League (UCL) draw. Even though Chelsea just changed the manager (Tuchel instead of Lampard), the English side was more creative in the first match and deserved to score a goal at least. While Atletico is leading in the Spanish La Liga and showing a more attacking football this season, Simeone's guys were more focused on defending the net in the formal home match (due to pandemic, Bucharest hosted the game). However, Giroud's masterful goal left "Los Colchoneros" without a wishful advantage. Nonetheless, 0-1 is far from being the critical score, and we'll finally see attacking football in the second game from Atletico.

Bayern smashed Lazio in Rome

A quite frustrating period for Bayern Munich seems to come to an end. After returning from Qatar with a Club World Cup trophy, Germans were struggling in the last two Bundesliga games. Nevertheless, 1-4 looks persuasive enough and gives Lazio almost no chance to continue the race for the main European clubs' title. Twenty-one years of absence in the UCL pay-off means too much to hope for beating a recent title-holder.

Can Atalanta astonish Real Madrid?

 Atalanta Real

If two sides were in optimal conditions, the majority of football experts would bet on the Spanish club. However, Real isn't stable this season in both La Liga and UCL matches, losing to compete underdogs from time to time. However, Atalanta is also not so flashy and fresh this season and takes only the fifth position in Serie A. Will the departure of Alexandro Gomes negatively influence the Italian side or just lead to another underestimation from the Spaniards? It's hard to believe Atalanta will pass motivated Madrid, but Gasperini's guy can definitely shake Real in the home game, at least.

Will Man City continue their winning streak against a well-organized Gladbach?

There are no doubts that Borussia Monchengladbach was unhappy with their play-off draw in December, and the situation became even worse now. English side is in incredible form, smashing everyone in all the competitions and having an 18-game win streak at the moment. Germans, instead, have quite unstable results in the Bundesliga, while a few weeks ago, Marco Rose announced the departure to Dortmund in the summer. Nevertheless, Borussia can cause Manchester City enough problems even though they have to play a home match outside Germany due to anti-COVID-19 measures.

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