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Canelo Alvarez Destroyed Callum Smith, Won 168lb's WBA & WBC

21 December 2020, 12:14
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Even though Callum Smith was able to be in the ring all 12 rounds, there were no doubts that Canelo Alvarez destroyed him. The Mexican won the WBA and WBC super-middleweight titles and declared the desire to unite all the belts in the 168lb division. Login Casino follows the latest sports news and describes the bout in more detail along with possible future opponents for 'Cinnamon.'

Canelo Alvarez Destroyed Callum Smith, Won 168lb's WBA & WBC

The awaited return of the Mexican multi-division champion, Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan, finally happened after the 13-month break since his last bout with Sergey Kovalev. Both the negative influence of COVID-19 and misconduct with De la Hoya's promoting agency led to delays, but the bout with previously unbeaten Callum Smith took place even with the live audience in San Antonio, Texas.

How was smaller Alverez so dominant over Smith?

Although the British boxer is taller and has better reach, he was totally destroyed by the Mexican. The return to super-middle from the light heavyweight division didn't hit Canelo's pace, who was more active and accurate at the same time. Alvarez was able to land about 43% of his 484 shots, while Smith touched only 96 out of 536 thrown.

Moreover, the Mexican neutralized Callum's major power – the left arm. Having a size preference, the British boxer could use left punches and hooks to control the distance, but Alvarez also knew this aspect. The Mexican was actively hitting the opponent's left arm biceps, though Smith couldn't rely on his major weapon from the middle of the fight. The problem was so obvious that before the 12th round, Canelo even jokingly asked Smith about the pain in his left hand, which was swollen.

The second half of the bout was rather one-sided, and Callum's coach was ready to stop the fight after the ninth round. However, previously undefeated Smith wanted to stay in the ring to prove he can endure and keep fighting. The eyebrows wounds repainted Callum's shorts from white to red till the end of the bout, which was another sign of Canelo's dominance.

Who is next for Alvarez: Golovkin, Saunders, or finally Beterbiev?

This undisputed win over the British boxer opened a wide range of possible fights for Alvarez. Thus, the public is calling for the third bout with Gennadiy Golovkin, who has smashed his Szeremeta with a knockout on December 18. However, it will probably mean that Canelo has to lose his weight to compete in 160lb as 'GGG' is only fighting in the middleweight.

Canelo Alvarez  Callum Smith

The fight against Joe Saunders, who holds the WBO super middleweight title, seems to be the most realistic. Canelo has already announced his desire to unite the belts in the 168lb division, and Saunders is the perfect pick for the Mexican.

A less realistic variant is Artur Beterbiev, who has been waiting for Canelo in the light heavyweight. However, the lack of power to knock out an injured Smith and too compact size for upper divisions may allow Alvarez to stay in the lower division. He is 30 years old and has enough time to change either decision, but now he looks good for 168lb.

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