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Can Whyte Beat Povetkin and Return Position in Heavyweight?

26 March 2021, 11:08
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The second bout between Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin is one of the biggest boxing fights of spring 2021. Can the British boxer return his status in the heavyweight boxing division and grab the WBC interim title to face the Joshua vs. Fury bout winner? Can the aged Russian deliver a world-class punching and compete for the belt? Login Casino follows the latest sports news in boxing, previewing the Saturday clash.

Can Whyte Beat Povetkin and Return Position in Heavyweight?

Last August's fight between Povetkin and Whyte became one of the most surprising results in the heavyweight boxing division in 2020. While the community was discussing how Dillian would oppose the winner of the Fury vs. Wilder clash, Alexander surprised the fighter in a fashion manner, knocking him out just in the 5th round.

Even though the Russian could skip the revenge bout and wait for his WBC title bout, he went a more risky way and agreed on facing Whyte again. However, the autumn rematch has been postponed due to illness, and finally, the boxing audience will receive a WBC interim after Saturday night.

What to expect in the Povetkin vs. Whyte rematch?

Even though the first bout has finished with stylish Alexander’s uppercut, it's hard to believe that the same story will take the place again. Even during the bout's press conference, Dillian looked motivated, focused, and strong, showing all his perfect physical shape at the moment.

Thus, the Britisher made a clear emphasis that he would be looking for a positive result first of all. What does it mean? It's hard to predict what attacking tactics Whyte will choose, but his focus on the defense will be huge anyway. Turning the bout to the later rounds seems to bring an advantage for Dillian, who is nine years younger than Povetkin.

The 41-year-old Russian, instead, is ready to surprise the British boxer. Thus, during the pre-match meetup, the Russian was talking about shorter uppercuts to be effective in the close distance. Also, Alexander has admitted that he is ready to go a distance and doesn't rely on the knockout only.

All in all, it will be an interesting fight between the two experienced heavyweights, whose prestige is at stake at the moment.

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