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AFA Tries to Have Messi’s Ban Reduced

20 September 2019, 11:55
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The Argentina football federation has decided to appeal Messi’s ban handed to him during the Football Championship in South America.

AFA Tries to Have Messi’s Ban Reduced

The football institution CONMEBOL disqualified the Argentine captain for three months and fined him for the words he had told after the match Argentina - Chile. The football star was red-carded during that event and was extremely angry because of the decision. After the match, Messi did not take part in award ceremony telling Argentina should not engage in that corruption. According to the CONMEBOL’s decision, the Argentinian football star would not be able to play international matches until November 3.

Now AFA is trying to find a way to have the ban reduced by one month.  They hope Messi will be able to help his team in matches against Germany on October 9 and Ecuador on October 13.

Argentina has already played matches without their captain. The team played with Chile 0-0 and defeated Mexico 4-0 in friendly matches this month.

Messy will also miss the first match of the Football Championship in the South America qualifiers in March due to the red card he got in that sadly remembered match against Chile.

As mentioned earlier, Messi regrets Barcelona has not signed Neymar. He thinks Neymar would help his former team to achieve more goals.

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