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Slot Wheel of Fortune: Why Is It Profitable for an Online Casino?

21 August 2020, 16:25
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Slot machines hit all popularity records in comparison to other games, according to casino news from various sources. Wheel of Fortune slots are among the most frequently played games.

Slot Wheel of Fortune: Why Is It Profitable for an Online Casino?

Having migrated from land-based gambling establishments to online casinos, Wheel of Fortune slots remain a favorite game for players. They slightly differ from standard five-reel casino slots, but the chances to win attract gamblers at the same level.

General information about Wheel of Fortune slot machines

So, what is a Wheel of Fortune game? Usually, it is a three-reel slot that has another visual representation than a classic slot machine. It looks like a big colorful wheel, which has several sections with numbers.

The playing process is simple: a gambler should spin the wheel and see what his fate has prepared for him. Before, of course, players should choose sectors and place bets on them. Some games allow users to select several symbols. In the case of winning, payouts totally depend on the sector you have chosen.

Many gamblers say that this game resembles a roulette wheel, numbers, and the table layout of which are also an interesting topic to read. However, a Wheel of Fortune game is a combination of a slot and roulette.

Four reasons why it is profitable for a casino to offer a free Wheel of Fortune slot

While choosing which products to add to an online casino library, operators often hesitate. The selection of games determines a casino’s success and traffic, that is why they choose it responsibly. As for Wheel of Fortune slots, there are five reasons why it is a good idea to include this product in a list of games.

  1. Wheel of Fortune slots can become a perfect substitution for traditional slots. Gamblers like to play slots, but they can get bored with the usual ones. This game can attract them more.
  2. Slots with wheels are more engrossing and can retain a player for a longer period.
  3. You can add different variations of the game: offer a five-reel or a video version, and it will also bring more loyal players.
  4. Wheel of Fortune slot machines have the biggest progressive jackpot prizes. The opportunity to win more always attracts more players.

Slot Wheel of Fortune

What features do popular operators add to Wheel of Fortune slots for free?

Virtual casinos add a lot of no-cost bonus offers as well as additional features to Wheel of Fortune slots to make the gameplay more exciting. Here is the list of the most popular promotions:

  • Operators add the possibility to win an enormous progressive jackpot.
  • The majority of online casinos offer free spins that also engage players in the gaming process.
  • Operators include bonus rounds in the game and increase their interactivity.

Like other slots, a Wheel of Fortune game will be profitable for a casino if it will offer bonuses to its users. However, it has plenty of opportunities for implementing promotions that will lead to the acquisition of loyal players.

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Frequently asked questions

Who makes Wheel of Fortune slot machines?

The most popular game developer is IGT.

Where can I buy a Wheel of Fortune slot machine?

You can find it in the majority of Las Vegas’ casinos and on gambling websites.

How to win Wheel of Fortune slot machine jackpot?

Play more rounds, use bonuses, bet low but enough for a progressive jackpot.


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