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Full Guide to Goldfish Slots: the Game that Came From Vegas

12 February 2020, 13:13
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The Goldfish slot is one of the most popular games in legendary Vegas casinos. Many gamblers search for casinos that have the game because it’s a symbol of the real Vegas casino atmosphere.

Full Guide to Goldfish Slots: the Game that Came From Vegas

This machine slot isn’t only visually attractive but is also famous for its big payouts. A goldfish is a symbol of the fulfillment of one’s desires, of gold, money, wealth and prosperity. That’s why the game is on top of the gaming list for many players. It has cute and colorful characters, an interesting plot and it will never make you feel bored.

Goldfish Casino Slots Description

The Goldfish is a standard 5-reel slot with a fixed amount of paylines – 25. This means that there are 25 winning combinations in the game. The slot has 96% Return to Player, which is £96 (approx. $124) back for every £100 (approx. $129) spent. It includes various coin sizes for betting, from 0.01 up to 3. So, what is the highest bet a gambler can make? The Goldfish allows players to make a bet of 75.00 coins and the biggest payout is 100 000 coins.

A goldfish is the main symbol in the game (so, it’s highly paid) and, at the same time, it’s a Wild symbol. As you may know, a Wild symbol can be a substitution for any symbol in a game. It causes paylines completions with further wins. The game includes several types of fish, namely:

  • a gold fish;
  • a green fish;
  • a purple fish;
  • a blue fish;
  • a red fish.

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Each fish has its own features that influence the game. For example, a blue fish will provide 1-3 free spins for a player. Winning combinations will occur not depending on how the symbols are arranged on reels. With the help of a green fish, a player can win a prize – in a fish tank full of bubbles, he or she should choose one bubble with a prize. Also, a player shouldn’t forget to feed fish because it will die. Every feeding will result in better scores for players! Moreover, the more you feed – the more rewards you get!

The Goldfish casino slot game is also full of bonuses that are always a big plus for every player. Good news: the game has 6 bonuses and it sounds amazing! There are several bonus rounds in the game including one major feature bonus. The fish food bonus is considered to be the best one.

Goldfish Casino Slots Description

It occurs when 3 or more special symbols appear together with the image of fish food. Other features randomly occur within the game flow. A fish bowl appearing on a screen is the sign that you have got the bonus.

How to Be a Winner: Goldfish Slots Cheats and Tricks

It goes without saying, that tips and tricks in casino games are a topic of interest for even the most talented gamblers. Usually, there are several things in the game the players are mostly interested in:

  • cheats;
  • hacks;
  • tips.

Some gamblers share their tricks among other players and reveal the game secrets. Of course, almost every game fan dreams about the Goldfish slots free coins. They help them to enjoy playing longer and increase their chances to win more. It’s always a good idea to share tricks in the Goldfish community and discuss hacks with people who are familiar with the game, or to find like-minded people on Facebook.

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How to Play the Goldfish Online or on a Device?

Notwithstanding the fact that the game is quite old and many gamblers played it in the gambling atmosphere of Las Vegas casinos. At present, players can do it online. The game is available on many popular online gambling websites. Some of them even provide a player with a welcoming bonus. The bonus allows doubling a deposit. In addition, don’t be in a doubt, the online game preserves its special Vegas vibe. If you choose to play the game online, you don’t need to always download it on your device. Many websites offer the Goldfish slot machine game online free, so you can enjoy it without any obstacles.

Some gamblers still prefer to have the game on their devices. You can run the Goldfish on any device – all of them are supported (Windows, MAC OS, iOS, Android). Regardless of what type of device you prefer (a mobile phone, a PC, or a tablet), you get an incredible game based on 3D graphics. Thus, it isn’t surprising that the Goldfish has so easily moved to online platforms leaving Las Vegas casinos behind. It’s a great opportunity to play the favorite game in any place you want at any comfortable for you time. If you wish to play the Goldfish casino slots, free download is what you need. You can find the game for your smartphone in AppStore or GooglePlay and download it in a few clicks.

How to Play the Goldfish Online or on a Device?

Where to Play for Real Money?

In addition to excitement and pleasure gamblers get from the game, most of them want to win with an equivalent in real money. Online casinos are the best solution when you want to feel as if you are in Vegas but stay where you are at the same time. Therefore, you can make bets and get payouts. The only thing you need to start playing for real money is just to create an account on any device. It’s up to you whether you download the slot or not. It won’t eliminate your chances to win money.

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The main advice – find out more about the payout schedule and percentage. It often helps to build a profitable strategy in a casino slot, choose the right approach and make even more money. A skillful player understands the system and knows how each payout can multiply the sum. And, who knows, maybe you are the next person to win a jackpot.

As mentioned earlier, the UK citizen has won £170 m and has become the biggest winner in the country’s history.

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