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Epic Formula for Playing the Best Slots – Buffalo Games

9 April 2020, 17:17
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Buffalo slots are among the most frequently played games in comparison with other online casino products. The secret of its success is in attractive progressive jackpots and a big amount of opportunities for winning.

Epic Formula for Playing the Best Slots – Buffalo Games

As more and more gamblers prefer to play these games, Buffalo gains popularity on online gambling platforms. Many “legends” surround these slot machines as they provide a lot of chances for players to win money. It is worth mentioning that Buffalo slots can be played online or at land-based casinos. Moreover, these games are so much-in-demand in the US that you will be greatly surprised to see several Buffalo slot machines in almost any casino in the country, while other types of slots are represented by one or two machines. It proves that these games are extremely popular among the US gamblers.

The first Buffalo slot was released twelve years ago. The game was taken as a basis by many casino solutions developers who added new features to it and created excellent gambling products for their customers. Some companies tried to totally remake a famous game to introduce a state-of-the-art product to their players. However, this idea wasn’t successful because its fans wanted to play a classic game with its original functionality.

Speaking about Buffalo slots, games have nice-looking images and pleasant sounds that also help to deliver the best gaming experience to users.

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Buffalo slots: the beginners’ guide

Buffalo is a classic 5-reel video slot. Combinations, which are considered lucky, are arranged from right to left. Players’ winnings are paid on the basis of stakes’ coefficient per a single reel. These slots also have scatter symbols that allow gamblers to win money notwithstanding their sequence within reels. In addition to scatters, Buffalo games include wild symbols, bonuses, and other rewards to motivate players to win more.

The major symbol is, of course, Buffalo. It is a part of many successful combinations that can result in rewards. Gold liberty symbol is a scatter in these slots and it can significantly influence game results. For example, the bonus, which provides free spins, is called by three or more scatters. They should appear on any reel. The profit from them will be the following:

slots buffalo

  1. Five symbols – stakes will be multiplied by twenty.
  2. Four of them mean multiplying by 10.
  3. Two – stakes will double.

The sunset icons are important as well. They play the role of wild symbols and should appear on the 2-4 reels to bring profit to a player.

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Here is an interesting fact about Buffalo: its slot machines operation is based on a unique principle – it doesn’t use pay lines. What does it mean? When a reel is spinning, it may result in a big number of various outcomes. Many winning combinations of symbols may appear on a screen on different lines. The total winning sum consists of all successful lines occurring during a game. If gamblers have several winning lines for one spin, it suggests a bigger reward. At the same time, more pay lines mean more stakes.

As for Buffalo, it didn’t apply the payline model in its slots. Such a solution makes games more reliable because any machinations are almost impossible. Gamblers purchase places in a gaming area which is represented by four rows and five reels. To cut a long story short, gamblers take fewer risks because their bets are more specific. In addition to this, a multiplier is applied to each of them separately.

There are also several other important symbols in games that are worth remembering. Among them are the following: king, queen, ten, nine, ace, and jack. If they have reminded you about poker, read an interesting story about Mike Postle to find out more about poker matches.

How to play Buffalo games?

There is nothing difficult in playing Buffalo slots – free online or land-based casino versions are almost the same and it won’t take long to understand rules.

The first thing which gamblers see is a screen including a special control panel that allows them to manage slots and take actions in games. There is also a field on a screen showing a player’s progress and motivating him or her to try more. Gamblers will see messages notifying them about combinations and sums they pay.

buffalo slot free online

One of the main sections is the reel cost field where players can add or remove items that they buy. When gamblers purchase, for instance, one reel, a screen shows that a multiplier is x1. If players decide to buy all possible reels, they get the biggest coefficient – x40. The number of reels they purchase determines coins’ value. Thus, five paid reels mean a one-hundred-dollar stake. The information about the cost of every spin is provided on a display as well.

To start playing, a gambler should click the play button and it will mean one spin with the current stake value. A little bit later, he or she should press the stop button to see results.

How do Buffalo bonus games work?

Bonus games are activated by scatter icons that may appear at any place on a display. Even if they are located in a position that hasn’t been paid, free spins will be given to a player. A certain number of scatters is equal to a definite number of free games, for example:

  • Five scatters will provide twenty games.
  • Four special symbols suggest fifteen games.
  • Three scatter symbols will give eight bonus games.

Free bonus games also have built-in rewards. Thus, players will get five more spins if two scatter symbols appear together and it can repeat continuously. If the sunset symbol occurs during a game, it will multiply rewards by two or three.

Buffalo Gold slot machines: how to activate it?

Buffalo Gold is one of the best editions. It includes a standard set of scatters and wild symbols, however, it has several differences from other versions. One of them is that the maximum allowed amount which can be paid for one spin is forty cents.

Many gamblers say that the Gold edition gives more opportunities for big wins. A player can win thousands of dollars during just one gaming session. It happens so because Buffalo Gold slots include many beneficial bonuses that can’t be found in standard games. The Buffalo Gold version offers bonuses allowing players to collect coins that increase winnings. When fifteen golden symbols appear on a screen, a player gets the biggest possible payoffs.

play buffalo stampede slot machine online free

Another advantage of bonus spins in the Buffalo Gold edition is that it has a set amount for stakes and players can’t spend more on them. There are many online gaming platforms on the web where you can try free Buffalo Gold slot machine. You can even download it to your iPhone as an application.

In addition to this, Buffalo Gold slots have a high Return-to-Player index. It means that gamblers receive the greater part of their expenditures on bets back. You can also read about gross revenue in the gambling industry to understand how gaming establishments’ profit is figured up.

Buffalo Diamond slot: all you need to know

The Diamond version is the latest and the most modern version of Buffalo. It was even showcased at the Global Gaming Expo. This edition combines many features of previous games with state-of-the-art gaming solutions to ensure the best gambling experience.

This version attracted so much attention because its developers, the Aristocrat company, made it unusual in many aspects: from gameplay to visual appearance. This edition is very colorful and draws everybody’s eye. It is worth mentioning that Diamond slots include a new and very important feature: they have strategic elements.

Each betting level has own algorithm of no-cost spins increase when players gather diamonds. They can get multiplication of winnings that are activated by wheel bonus. This type of slot is characterized by a diamond shape of reels and it suggests more opportunities for successful games. Bonus and free spin games can result in jackpot wins. Free spins are called in a usual way – by gold coins.

As for progressive spins, a strategic approach should be applied here. Gamblers can see all no-cost spins for each level. Every time a player sees one colored diamond, the coefficient of matching free spins increases by 1.

buffalo grand slot machine

It is needless to say that the Buffalo Diamond version also includes multipliers and retriggers. A gambler can restart using two or more coins and get some extra spins to prolong a game. The usual sunset wild symbol has the same multipliers as in other versions. The luckiest people may even experience super winning combinations in which the 2 and 3 coefficients have one outcome: they increase the reward by 6.

Buffalo Grand slot machine – the most popular bonus game

Buffalo Grand slot is another impressive gambling product from Aristocrat. It is a matter of argument which version is better – Grand or Diamond. However, tastes are different and slots players decide themselves which of them to choose.

The 2015’s edition didn’t acquire any new symbols and used those from previous slots. In the Grand game, gamblers will see typical reel icons, namely buffalos, wolfs, lions, etc. which are the most highly-paid symbols. Queens, kings, jokers and other elements still have less value. It goes without saying that a classic Buffalo icon is the most “expensive” symbol in slots – its value is three hundred coins. Other profitable symbols are worth one hundred coins.

To trigger free games, players should see three scatter symbols on a display. The slot provides an opportunity to get fifty free spins. If the sunset symbol appears on a reel during bonus games, it plays the role of a coefficient for the next game.

The golden wheel also functions as a scatter in games that can activate the jackpot. To do it, a gambler needs to have 3 or more symbols in any place on reels. This version consists of 5 jackpot types. The biggest win is the grand jackpot that offers huge sums. Just imagine: you can win almost one million dollars playing usual slots! Gamblers should make rather big bets to have a chance of winning such sums. Of course, higher wagers mean more opportunities for jackpot hitting.

How to play Buffalo stampede slot machine online for free?

buffalo stampede slots

Stampede slots developed by Aristocrat are as popular as other editions. This slot is quite old because it was launched for the first time in 2013. Its original version was created for land-based gambling establishments but, later, games appeared on online services as well.

Buffalo stampede slots don’t differ from other games a lot. Players can choose the number of reels to play. If they want, for example, to play high, they can purchase access to all available reels – amounting to a total of 1024. The lowest possible stake for spin costs ten cents. As for symbols value in the slot, it is the same as in previous editions: Buffalo is the most high-cost symbol. Other symbols represented by animals also suggest quite big winnings. The sunset plays the role of a wild symbol and multiplier again. This type of slot also allows its users to activate no-cost spins and it is the major bonus offer in games. Three or more scatter symbols are required for getting from eight to twenty spins for free. This feature isn’t single-use and can be reactivated.

The questions you may ask before playing slots

How to win in Buffalo Grand slot machine?

There isn’t any secret allowing gamblers to always win in such games. All wins are based on the randomicity principle.

How to win in the Buffalo slot machine?

The best solution is to apply a strategy where it is possible or just consider slots as games of chance.

How to play Buffalo Grand slot machine?

Grand slots have almost the same rules as other Buffalo gambling products. You can read general information to understand how to play these games.

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