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Dragon Dance Slots' Review: How to Enjoy with Pleasure?

18 November 2020, 17:11
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Among the variety of casino slots, the Dragon Dance version deserves special attention. Developed by one of the market leaders, Microgaming, Dragon Dance can pleasantly surprise even the experienced gambler. Colorful but historical design is combined with the modern casino slot's technical fashion, giving the opportunity to enjoy the process from diverse perspectives. Login Casino has made the Dragon Dance slot review to describe in more detail why this gambling item deserves more attention.

Dragon Dance Slots' Review: How to Enjoy with Pleasure?

Why is the Dragon Dance slot machine unique?

The development of the modern casino slot machine requires crucial forces. The process of designing one can be compared to creating a computer game or mobile application. Authors should introduce a unique plot, while programmers have to implement it in a technical fashion along with perfect usability.

The Dragon Dance slot machine was developed with the careful execution of all the aspects and deserves a comprehensive guide on why the game is popular. Microgaming was able to transfer gamblers into the mystical and colorful Chinese traditions' world, where the flying dragons bring luck in practice.

The original and attractive game plot

The idea for the Dragon Dance slot came from the annual Chinese festival, which usually takes place during the Chinese new year celebrations. As dragons traditionally represent positive characteristics like power, might, wisdom, fertility, dignity, and auspiciousness, their dancing symbolizes transferring those features to humans. That is why the longer the dragon figure is dancing, the more luck it brings to people, and Microgaming tried to transfer this aspect into the regarded casino slot.

Dragon Dance gaming process

The Dragon Dance consists of five reels, which form a 5x3 grid playing zone. To the traditional card-based 9 to Ace items on the reel, developers added notable figures that help to feel the atmosphere of the Chinese festival. Logically, the most valuable is the figure of the Golden Dancing Dragon, and collecting 5 of them on the playing field can bring the jackpot - 60 000 points. According to the developer's information, 243 combinations can bring the win, while the return rate overpasses 96%.

Dragon Dance Slots

Other valuable options for the player can be White Dragon, whose appearance can also lead to a 5-digit win. Among the Chinese-theme items like dancing boy and girl, drummer, and crash-cymbals girl, the unique one is firecrackers (called Scatter). Scatters can bring additional free spins (will be described below) or just save the gambler by returning the spin sum if he or she gets two. A quite similar role belongs to Wild symbols, which are used as a joker to fulfill the combination of other items. Traditionally, the combination of three consecutive similars on the screen brings diverse winnings, which can be even enlarged via the respin option.

Flexible respin option

After the punter receives a gaming combination on the screen, he or she can respin one of the reels to enlarge the winning sum. For instance, if the player collected similar items on reels 1, 2, 4, and 5, there will be no win. However, the third reel's respin, which costs additional money, can bring a needed item in a few turns, and then some kind of a jackpot goes to the pocket. Interestingly, this option is available even after the winning combination has happened and makes sense if the additional reel can significantly increase the stack.

Profitable free spins

Gathering three Scatters brings another unique option to the Dragon Dance slot. The player receives 15 free auto-spins for three firecrackers on the screen, while more Scatters simultaneously can award the player with even more costless options, just like Billionaire free slots are organized. However, free spins don't mean that those who have logged in to the casino and chosen this slot receive just entertaining additional options. Additionally, to a high winning chance during auto-spins, the rewards are tripled.

Possibility to enjoy Dragon Dance slot on Androids and iPhones

dragon dance slot machine

The obligatory option for every modern casino slot is to be available for Apple and Android mobile devices. Programmers did their work perfectly and developed suitable Dragon Dance applications for the owners of iPhones and Google-driven smartphones. Entering the login and password allows the punter to move into the world of Chinese traditions and get luck from the dancing dragons in reality.

Any drawbacks in the Dragon Dance slot?

Surely, every game has its weaknesses, and the regarded one isn't the exclusion. Among the major adverse sides is comparatively low jackpots. Some punters can be angry with the low variety of the available reel items, while the Wild safety items are present on reels 2 and 4 only. Also, some of the respin options cost much more than the new spin button (for instance, if the punter has similar items in the fields 1, 2, 4, and 5) as jackpot winning can be significant, while a few respins can be still needed.

Nevertheless, game developers allow to try Dragon Dance for free and without any depositing, so punters can decide if the game is worth their attention.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the Dragon Dance slot pay real money, and what is its RTP?

Yes, this online casino slot pays real money with the return to player rate of over 96%.

Is the Dragon Dance slot available for iPhones and Android devices?

Yes, the Dragon Dance slot can be played on diverse mobile platforms, including iOS and Android-driven ones.


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