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All You Wanted to Know about Scatter Slots and Free Coins

16 February 2021, 15:37
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According to the latest casino news, slot machines are among the most popular gambling products among players.

All You Wanted to Know about Scatter Slots and Free Coins

Simple gameplay, fast winnings, and relaxing game mechanics make slots a favorite game for many casino users. Murka’s product Scatter Slots allows gamblers to get exciting Las Vegas’ entertainment via a variety of slot machines.

What are Scatter Slots?

Scatter Slots are a casino focused on slot games. Gamblers love them due to their interesting themes based on the magical world. If you are a great fan of such games and mysterious stories, these titles will help you to pass the time. Scatter Slots library encompasses approximately one hundred games, which will impress any player with their graphics and storyline.

It is worth mentioning that these games aren’t just classic slot machines that require only spinning the reel. The developers have created a unique world full of adventures, competitions, breathtaking missions, and unexpected jackpots. Users also get additional opportunities with re-spins and bonus games. If you are an experienced player who wants to test skills in a competition, you can join Scatter Slots tournaments and participate in a challenge. What is even more important, players can level up constantly, which makes the gaming process immensely interesting.

Scatter Slots: Murka created top games

Murka is a company-creator of Scatter Slots. Founded ten years ago, this game development studio is oriented towards innovative ideas and exclusive products. It combines various genres, themes, and takes a non-standard approach to software development.

This strategy is clearly represented in Scatter Slots. Murka’s team has built amazing games, which will transfer a gambler to the magic universe. Although the casino’s portfolio has lots of titles, the most popular ones are the following:

  1. Frozen Flame;
  2. Hot Witches;
  3. Ice Baby;
  4. Spider Queen;
  5. Sea Mistress.

As you can see, the majority of slots are based on the magic theme. Users will face hungry vampires, fierce witches, and other characters that will participate in battles and mysterious events.

How to play the slots?

scatter slots

Murka slots are an application, which can be installed on any smartphone easily. Its developer has chosen the right direction because mobile products are gaining popularity. Users want to experience the best gameplay on the go. That is why game studios, which look ahead to the future, are more mobile-oriented. Murka didn’t become an exception and created a set of excellent slots that go well with handheld devices. No doubt that it is the reason why these games have attracted five million users from across the globe.

The Scatter Slots application is available for both iOS and Android, and you can find it in the app libraries, such as the App Store and Google Play. Besides, Amazon customers can also get the app there.

However, this all doesn’t mean that gamblers can’t play the slots on their personal computers! The desktop version is available to users as well, and it even has more games than the smartphone version. At the same time, gamblers prefer the Murka app more because they can have access to top titles wherever they are.

As for the process of account creation, it won’t take long to register in the application. For example, not to remember too many passwords, players can sign up via Facebook. Moreover, you can play without downloading anything, just on this social network.

Tricks to get Scatter Slots free coins

So, we have reached the most interesting part of this article – information about free coins. It isn’t a secret that every new and already registered user dreams about getting more Scatter Slots coins without paying for them. Of course, you can purchase coins anytime, but it won’t be so pleasant as receiving them for free.

Let’s consider the most effective methods of getting no-cost coins in Scatter Slots.

Coins for free: Scatter Slots awards

First, it should be mentioned that the slots developers have included lots of opportunities for users to get coins. There are several options how you can do this almost without any effort:

free scatter slots

  1. A welcome bonus. This type of bonus is the most widely used method of getting no-cost coins. It is clear that everything you need to do to become an owner of a coins package is to register in the system after downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play. You will get 12 000 000 for signing up.
  2. Users can get 6 000 000 for playing on Facebook. Another chance to get so much desired virtual currency for free is to play games via this platform.
  3. Use hourly and daily bonuses. Players can receive coins based on an hourly bonus. It means that every hour the system offers them to benefit from participating in some tasks. If users succeed, they get 757 000 coins. Daily bonus has more tasks and challenges for players. However, if you are a lucky one to complete all of them, you will become an owner of 2 500 000 no-cost coins as well as free diamonds, and will even go to a new, higher level.
  4. Read reviews and get more virtual currency. Murka prepared other tasks that will help players to gather as many coins as possible. For instance, they can read users’ reviews and be awarded for this with 420 000 free coins. This sum is getting bigger every day, depending on a player’s level.
  5. You can even get a prize for buying virtual currency. When users replenish a balance with coins, they get a reward for this – a card, which can provide players with additional coins, if they gather a set of ten cards. This bonus can give a gambler a huge sum – 2 500 000 000 coins.

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Frequently asked questions

How to enter cheat codes in Scatter Slots?

Usually, cheat codes have instructions for applying them.

How to get free coins in Scatter Slots?

Use all bonuses available in Scatter Slots.

How to win real money in Scatter Slots?

Scatter Slots aren’t intended for real-money gambling.

How to play Scatter Slots?

Play on Facebook, PC, or download the app to your smartphone.

What are Scatter Slots?

Scatter Slots are games developed by Murka where players can get a lot of free coins.


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