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Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair

29 October 2019, 17:22
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Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair (G&A 2019) took place from October 11th-13th, 2019 at Zhongshan Convention Center. A number of state officials and association leaders visited the event and gave a high appraisal of the show.

Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair

G&A 2019 was attended by more than twenty thousand visitors and among them, there were more than seven hundred buyers from multiple countries including the US, the UK, Japan, Dubai and others. At the exhibition, most pavilions were devoted to arcade games (35%) and children amusement (25%) followed by amusement rides (14%), culture & tourism (12%), water parks & inflatables (8%) and VR/AR games (4%).

It is noteworthy that more than thirty experts, among whom were Vice President & Creative Chief Design Director Chan Ho Park, Entertainment Agent in China  Vincent Fischer and many others, delivered a discussion into how to utilize culture in order to expand the possibilities of tourist attractions.

With regard to award winners, they are Universal Space (UNIS), Nitto Fun, Jiuyou Animation, Hai Mao Animation in the category “Excellent Indoor Products”, Golden Horse, Tianhong Amusement, CRRC Special Equipment, Dalang Water Park, Supergame Amusement in the category “Excellent Outdoor Products” and Max Creative Industry Organization, Elephant Sculpture Art in the category “Excellent Attraction Designs”.

As mentioned earlier, Cambodia’s and the Philippines’ efforts in fighting against gambling were commended by the Chinese government.

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