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Yurii Titkov: “Attracting Clients Is Not Limited to an Advertisement Campaign Launch”

11 June 2021, 16:08
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Login Casino team continues its series of interviews with experts in the gambling market. This time we were engaged in a conversation with a new player – Yurii Titkov, CEO at He spoke on the issues of company development, his work in the marketing field and a new company promotion strategy on the market.

Yurii Titkov: “Attracting Clients Is Not Limited to an Advertisement Campaign Launch”

In the first part of a video interview, Yurii Titkov answered the following questions:

  1. Why did he choose marketing, and what was his starting point in the industry?
  2. When and how was established – a company that provides performance-based marketing 360 services to clients all over the world?  
  3. How did Yurii Titkov become a CEO, and what are the most critical factors of this job?
  4. How to reach synergy among the nine diverse teams in a united structure?
  5. What are the main differences between and similar companies on the market?

Yurii Titkov explained:

«Attracting new clients is a complex issue, which isn’t limited to a simple ad campaign launch. You have to design communication and PR strategy, think over of positioning of the brand, conduct the market analysis, identify the target audience, and only after, you can attract a player.»

During the interview, the marketing questions, peculiarities of each team’s work, and promotion of services on the online gambling market were discussed.

The interview with Yurii Titkov is available on our YouTube channel:

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