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Xu Liang’s Event #8 Win at Triton Million London

12 August 2019, 12:58
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The number of events gives poker players a chance to head up even after unsuccessful attempts. That is exactly what happened to the Chinese professional poker player who managed to pull himself together after £1 million buy-in event fail.

Xu Liang’s Event #8 Win at Triton Million London

777 is definitely a lucky number for Xu Liang, who refilled his bank account with £777 thousand having won the No-Limit Holdem Short-Deck for £50 thousand (event #8 of Triton Million Tournament in London). He started with a bit more than £2 million in chips, having Richard Yong and David Benefield ahead of him. As Liang’s main competitors have already been Triton Champions, the game promised to be a good one.

On the final stage of the action, Benefield had the chip lead, which, however, did not help him to win the second Triton tittle. With Q77 on the table, Liang beat the American with triple sevens against a pair of queens. Therefore, the best players’ final winnings amounted to £777,000 for Xu Liang, £560,500 for David Benefield, and £357,000 for Richard Yong.

This year’s Triton Million events have unpredictable results, which is a usual case with poker. However, the leaders have remained almost the same – they have shown their best play and proved that they deserve to be among the world’s top poker players.

As mentioned earlier, Triton Million London’s £100 thousand buy-in champion received more than $3 million prize.

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