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Xabier Rodriguez Maribona: “The Crisis Has Proved that Betting Companies Need to Have a Clear Structure”

28 April 2020, 13:15
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During the SBC Digital Summit, leading experts spoke about betting operators’ work in Spain during the coronavirus pandemic and gave their predictions for the future. One of those who shared information and forecasts on this subject became Xabier Rodriguez Maribona, who is CEO of RETAbet – a Spanish multinational company based in Bilbao that specializes in sports betting in the world.

Xabier Rodriguez Maribona: “The Crisis Has Proved that Betting Companies Need to Have a Clear Structure”

First of all, the expert stressed that it is too early to predict what percentage of people would now prefer online betting and would never come back to retail bookmakers.

Xabier Rodriguez Maribona said: “I think that anyone who is good at statistics on this subject will say that now is not the best time to make any predictions. Why? Because there are no sporting events at the moment. It is not clear how the situation will be in the future. For example, the situation may be that restrictions on sports will be lifted but retail bookmakers would not still be allowed to work. That is why it is now very difficult to make an accurate estimate of how many people will no longer return to retail bookmakers. Of course, in general terms, everything will depend specifically on the country, its economy, and the social aspect”.

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According to the expert, over the last two-three years, the sports betting industry in Spain has undergone a number of changes and this will continue in the future, however, not only because of the crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

The expert said: “The crisis has simply proved that companies operating in this field need to have a clear structure. It becomes obvious that managing hundreds of small companies is very difficult at such times. Of course, you need to expand, but at the same time, you need to have a clear structure and special departments in order to successfully control such a business”.

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