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WTKF World Championship Fights Will Be Held at M1 Casino

12 February 2020, 13:41
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On February 23, M1 casino will host an exclusive evening of fights called M1 FIGHT. The event will also feature the fight for the WTKF world champion title.

WTKF World Championship Fights Will Be Held at M1 Casino

According to the casino press service, a total of seven fights will take place. The main event of the evening will be the fight for the WTKF world champion belt (according to the MMA rules) between the world-famous athlete Sergei Kharitonov (Russia) and Fernando Rodrigues (Brazil). Weight category - 100+ kg.

The following fighters will also take part in the event:

• Petr Romankevich (Belarus) vs Semyon Shelepov (Russia)

K-1 fight

Weight category +100 kg

• Surik Magakyan (Russia) vs Salam Jamalkhanov (Russia)

K-1 fight

Weight category 77 kg

• Ruslan Nagiyev (Azerbaijan) vs Dmitry Filonchik (Belarus)

K-1 fight

Weight category 71 kg

• Yuriy Virchakov (Russia) vs Maxim Pugachev (Belarus)

MMA Fight

Weight category up to 71 kg

• Sher Mamazulunov (Uzbekistan) - Maxim Zaplitnii (Moldova)

Weight category 85 kg

Guests will begin to gather at 19:00. The fights start at 20:30.

It is reported that when buying a ticket in any of the four categories, 30% of its cost will be returned to visitors with special bonuses inside the M1 establishment. It is possible to find out more about prices on the organizers’ website.

As mentioned earlier, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager doubts that the Russian fighter will face McGregor at the Octagon soon.

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