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World Esports League – Another IESF Tournament for Top Esports Players

2 July 2020, 12:39
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The International Esports Federation has confirmed the news that it is going to hold a new competition – World Esports League. This tournament will gather the best players together and will become an excellent platform for esports promotion.

World Esports League – Another IESF Tournament for Top Esports Players

The project is still under development, but IESF has ambitious intentions to launch it at the nearest time. The federation has partnered with Technoblood – an entertainment company that focuses on the online games market, and it will support the project operation. It has considerable experience in esports, namely the management of such events, that is why it can bring the benefit to WSL.

When will be the first international event?

The organizers expect that the first competition will take place next year. They hope that it will attract the attention of many esports organizations across the globe, as well as players. The main WSL’s goal is to become a unique platform that will help to select the best esports teams. The format of the event will be the following: countries will be holding competitions during the year, and finalists will get an opportunity to show their skills at the completion stage of the event.

World Esports League organizers are going to examine esports competitions in countries and select the strongest players. These participants will have a chance to prove that their team is worth winning by competing with other esports teams from various corners of the world.

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