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William Hill’s Performance in Q4 Is Marked by Revenue Growth

13 January 2021, 17:37
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The lack of sports events during 2020 due to the pandemic became the main reason for pessimistic news about the betting sector worldwide.

William Hill’s Performance in Q4 Is Marked by Revenue Growth

However, not all companies remained on the decline. William Hill has reported about this year’s results and emphasized the increase in revenue in the fourth quarter.

2020 became a test for William Hill

According to the company’s representatives, 2020 became a really hard year for the bookmaker. It challenged William Hill many times and tested its strength. It could stand against all difficulties and make its offer better to survive and even thrive in the highly competitive market.

As the report shows, the bookmaker’s NGR of Q4 has grown by 9 percent (YoY). Taking into consideration the challenging year, even this slight progress is a big achievement. Moreover, a positive tendency was noticed in the amount of sports bets – it increased by 16 percent. The annual revenue was damaged by the pandemic as it declined by 16 percent to 1.3 billion pounds. William Hill had a chance to improve the situation during Q3, relying on its retail shops, but tightened restrictions led to thirty million pounds of losses over the year.

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