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Will Online Casinos in Germany Have a Relaxed Transition Period?

26 July 2020, 11:42
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According to the latest casino news from Germany, the country is getting ready for new regulations connected with the online casino business. The adoption of a new way of operation can be rather “painful” for online casinos.

Will Online Casinos in Germany Have a Relaxed Transition Period?

That is why the committee consisting of the representatives of several state law firms has got this question under its control. It offers a relaxed approach to operators under the new regulatory conditions. The working team demands something of amnesty for virtual casinos that operate illegally in Germany.

The committee insists on desisting from casinos prosecuting

The state lawyers promote the idea that if online casinos have been working without licensing because of its absence, they shouldn’t get any legal punishment. Of course, it is possible only if a casino has been following all other rules and complies with a new gambling law. This approach means the golden mean for both operators and the government. The compromise is necessary as states’ representatives have been arguing about the transition period for a long time.

At the same time, opinions still differ across the country. While Hesse and Saxony voted in favor of the amnesty for virtual casinos, Hamburg even filed a lawsuit against an operator. Such a proposal from the working team has found supporters and critics. For example, the advisory committee doesn’t consider the tolerance to online gambling platforms to be reasonable. Now, federal states should decide whether casinos without a license can provide services legally.

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