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Will Lotteries in the USA Be Shut Down During the Pandemic?

21 April 2020, 11:27
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As it has been recently revealed, the USA antigambling group has the initiative to suspend the operation of lotteries across the country. The Stop Predatory Gambling organization is going to ask state governors to close lottery establishments for thirty days. It will help to prevent people from spending their stimulus payments on gambling activities.

Will Lotteries in the USA Be Shut Down During the Pandemic?

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The crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic made American citizens consider the opportunity of getting money by winning a lottery. The organization representative has explained the situation and said that spending money on lottery tickets destroys the effect of supportive payments.

States continue to market their lottery games

It isn’t a secret that companies that provide lottery services continue to work even under pandemic conditions – people can buy tickets in six states. In addition to this, Mega Millions and Powerball have removed minimal jackpots.

More than twenty million US citizens became unemployed because of the Coronavirus outspread. This financial crisis was the reason for the dramatic increase in the lottery sector of the gambling industry. The government is ready to pay out some money to people to stabilize their economic status. However, there is a high risk that these sums will be wasted on gambling activities. Some researches show that Americans with low earnings buy tickets more often than those who have a sufficient level of income. Moreover, in light of this difficult economic situation, people gamble more for money, not for entertainment.

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