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Will Germany’s Gambling Regulations Cast Down the Betting Sector Again?

26 August 2020, 17:29
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It wasn’t an easy process for the gambling industry of almost all countries worldwide to start returning to normality after the COVID-19 pandemic. For several months, there wasn’t any betting news as sports events were canceled. Germany’s gambling industry has also suffered from the lockdown and begun to recover but the upcoming changes in regulations can become a considerable obstacle.

Will Germany’s Gambling Regulations Cast Down the Betting Sector Again?

The betting market in Germany began to slowly come to life after the world’s and local sports events returned. Sportsbooks have noticed a slight improvement in their revenue figures, thanks to the Bundesliga matches at the beginning, and other global events later.

Of course, some operators needed to use their best marketing tools and the most efficient marketing strategies to heighten customers’ interest in betting again. However, these favorable conditions for the sector are under threat and can be destroyed in the nearest future.

New regulations can change everything

The thing is that Germany's government is going to introduce new gambling regulations. At the current time, nobody knows how they will influence the betting vertical as changes are going to be significant. For example, several tight restrictions will be applied to deposit limits. The regulations will come into force next year, so bookmakers will have a period during which they can try to get back previous revenues. Especially, after the Bundesliga resuming in September.

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