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Will EC Support New Online Gambling Legislation in the Netherlands?

18 August 2020, 16:11
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The upcoming online gambling regulations that may come into force in the Netherlands in the nearest time are frequently discussed in the news about gambling.

Will EC Support New Online Gambling Legislation in the Netherlands?

The Dutch government has prepared new laws and guidelines that will help to control the sector more efficiently and protect players from problem gambling. Although the government has only positive intentions for the regulation of the iGaming industry, the European Commission (EC) has to check whether the legislation is compliant with its requirements and legal framework.

What items does the legislation include?

As it has been already mentioned, this new draft focuses on problem gambling most of all. Operators will need to take some measures to detect gambling addicts or players who are prone to this mental problem and prevent it. There are six ways for license holders to intervene in the situation. For example, they can recommend players to visit gambling treatment websites.

Licensees also need to provide reports on the number of users who have registered on a gambling service, data on rejected sign-ups, and customers’ complaints. These reports can be annual or on-demand. It isn’t the first time when the government of the Netherlands submits the bill. It has also had a try in July this year. As regulations are going to enter into force next year, EC has enough time to consider their details thoroughly.

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