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When Are Betting Shops and Bookmakers Going to Reopen in the UK?

7 June 2020, 11:57
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Betting shops in Great Britan are still closed because they don’t fall into the category of basic needs. However, according to the information provided in bookmaking news, they will open soon.

When Are Betting Shops and Bookmakers Going to Reopen in the UK?

The government has set the exact date when bookmakers will gain approval for reopening. It will happen on June 15. Sports betting fans will get an opportunity to stake as several events will take place somewhere near this date. Among them are the Royal Ascot (one of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's favorite shows) and the Premier League’s matches.

Bet shops and bookmakers will have to follow certain rules

Betting shops will have to implement new rules of conduct to prevent the outspread of COVID-19. They will need to create a safe environment for their clients. The UK government has prepared a set of guidelines that will help to arrange secure conditions in such places.

First of all, betting shop owners should have special screens on those surfaces, which visitors touch. They should also limit the number of people who are present in a bookmaker at one time. Workers will control how customers keep social distancing. Floor marking is another important recommendation for betting shops.

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