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What Is a 'Lottery Loophole' in Britain and How to Cope with It?

12 November 2020, 15:50
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Even though the minimum wagering age in Britain is 18, a lot of younger people are able to spend money on gambling officially. The 'lottery loophole' is one of the most discussed topics in Great Britain recently, and authorities want to close it down. Login Casino always reviews the latest lottery news and explains the situation that happened in the UK.

What Is a 'Lottery Loophole' in Britain and How to Cope with It?

It is commonly known that the minimum age for gambling is 18. The UK also has the same standards as those who want to bet on sports, win a poker tournament, or try a piece of luck in a casino slot have to be 18 or older. However, the British lottery allows participation in the game of chance from 16, actually adding schoolchildren to the list of punters.

Although the difference between a 16-year-old and a person, who is two years older, is not so critical, this age is vital in forming an individual's mental stability and health. Moreover, many countries apply restrictions to under 21 people, perceiving this number as the more appropriate point to be of a responsible age. The British community is rather anxious about the lower limits that exist in their country. They call it a 'lottery loophole,' which is the official right for 16 and 17-year-old persons to try their luck.

Why does the 'lotteries loophole' exist in the UK?

The roots of the problems go back to 1994 when the National Lottery was organized. The set of rules allowed a bit younger generation to participate in the National Lottery draws, regarding this mitigation as not critical.


However, the essence of lotteries has changed, along with the instruments and methods of reaching the audience. The advertising aspect became more aggressive and influential than it was 25 years ago, while lotto providers all over the world muchly expanded the list of suggested games. Scratch cards, online instant lotteries, bets on virtual racing, or other sport-like matches - all these are widely used by lottery operators to give players a needed variety.

Nevertheless, the legislation hasn't changed since 1994, and British authorities see a huge problem in this aspect. They call the Gambling Commission to review the minimum age of playing lotto in the UK, as the recent variety of games that the National Lottery presents is clearly a way to gambling addiction. The people from the gambling industry also name loot boxes as another under-age problem that leads to addiction, which has to uprise the discussion about changing the old and ineffective laws.

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