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What Digital Approaches Made Lotteries More Stable?

10 September 2020, 16:16
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The issue of digitization in the gambling industry is not new, but many providers still rely on older methods. However, the COVID-19 lockdown showed that entertaining digital content was much more stable towards serious obstacles. The speakers of the SBC Summit Barcelona - Digital explained the regarded issue.

What Digital Approaches Made Lotteries More Stable?

One of the desks on SBC Summit Barcelona - Digital was dedicated to the issues in lotteries. Amid the topics about the present and future of this type of gambling, the speakers confirmed the role of digitization in it. The latest lottery news also admits the growing revenues in this sector even during the global crisis.

“Habits concerning gambling are changing all over the world,” began Vedran Katic, a COO at PinProjekt based in Croatia. “People prefer instant communication, which leads to a decrease in TV products and an increase in Internet-based platforms. For gambling, it means that people want to see immediate interaction, and lotteries are not an exclusion. Instant ones lead to better engagement, and all this direction is based on digitization.”

How did the digitization trend prove itself during the coronavirus pandemic?

Jari Vahanen, a partner at the Finnish Gambling Consultants Oy, stated that the Nordic lotteries had about half of the digital products, which helped them face the pandemic without panic. The speaker also admitted the vital role of digitization even for monopolies on the internal markets.


“Facing competition can destroy local monopolies, while digitization is the key to success in this fight,” – concluded the expert from Finland.

Vedran Katic also pointed out the role of digital products during the total lockdown.

“Being a lottery solutions provider, we faced a huge demand for digital products. The interest in additional live content from the side of lotteries made our revenues even bigger than we expected.”

Explaining the future of digital products, the speaker also made an emphasis on the uniqueness of the games they suggest and the growing interest of gambling providers towards this kind of solution.

“In the long run, lotteries and other operators will value additional live content to protect themselves and be ready to offer wider gaming content.”

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