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What Can Change in British Betting Industry after 'Review'?

9 December 2020, 17:27
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Reviewing gambling laws in the UK can cause changes in several industries, including bookmaking. Nigel Huddleston, UK's Sports Minister, explained in more detail what changes could be implemented in the British betting sector. According to the latest news in bookmaking, the issue of advertising is among the sharpest due to serious financial reasons.

What Can Change in British Betting Industry after 'Review'?

Preconditions of 'call to evidence' step

The announcement of the gambling rules' review caused a huge wave of discussions even outside the UK. The entertaining British sector is one of the most developed ones in the world, but also has plenty of controversial issues that need the solution. That is why the British Department of Digital Culture forced the process of reviewing the recent laws in the multi-billion industry.

Even though the primary hook was aimed at the lotteries and increase of the minimum age of participants from 16 to 18, other vital questions would be reviewed. Among the toughest ones is the issue of advertising across the whole industry, including betting.

The recent situation in betting advertising and its influence on sports

Bookmakers are especially active in the sports sector - their primary audience is focused there. Thus, almost half of the English Premier League clubs have bookies as title sponsors. Moreover, only three out of 20 top-tier teams aren't linked with gambling partnership. A similar situation is in the Championship - the second football division in England.

As two major football tournaments receive about £110 million annually from betting firms (£7M belongs to the upper-division), the Ministry of Sports in the UK needed to explain the situation in the sector.

He began by assuring that the sports and betting industry will be reviewed attentively to define the recent harmful items. However, Nigel Huddlestone also confirmed that the ministry understands bookmakers' financial importance in sports, especially during the crisis period caused by coronavirus disease.

As the primary word of the whole situation is 'evidence,' one can assume that supporters of the bookmakers' presence will surely appeal to it rather often. Thus, the betting firm's promotion campaign can be reviewed as the brand-facilitation step but not pressure to increase public gambling behavior.

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