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Visa Launched Crypto Payments Testing, Yet USDC Only

30 March 2021, 17:22
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The process of adopting crypto-payments was announced by the firm months ago, and now the first tests are implemented in practice. Login Casino follows the latest cryptocurrency news, explaining the case and its limitations at the recent stage.

Visa Launched Crypto Payments Testing, Yet USDC Only

Being one of the world's biggest financial platforms, Visa decided to join the growing crypto trend months ago. However, the provider started with testing the processing side of the new financial phenomenon, so now it is accepting USDC (stablecoin with identical value to the US dollar) without additional conversions.

Moreover, Visa uses Ethereum's blockchain technology for transactions, which means the firm is taking steps towards new technical aspects that are demand-growing. According to the official information, this initiative's partnering sides are the digital asset bank Anchorage and the crypto-exchange platform

Visa says it all is for customers' comfort

The chief of the crypto direction in Visa, Cuy Sheffield, made an emphasis on the customers' comfort during the official release. Thus, the executive has admitted the growing demand for cryptocurrencies and has emphasized the need to cover digital assets to bring flexibility in using Visa services.

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