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Video Games Are Popular with Germans

12 May 2021, 15:33
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During the last year, the number of video game players in Germany has grown by 5%, according to the German Games Industry Association and recent esports news offering these data.

Video Games Are Popular with Germans

Today 58% of the German population plays video games on consoles, computers, and mobile phones. The players between the age of 6 and 69 have been researched.

Players between 50 and 69 years of age play the most

The largest segment among all gamers is the age of 50-59, they play on computers and game consoles. The last segment from 60 to 69 years is the age group that has made possible the increase in the average age of video game players in Germany. Speaking about the age group of between six and nine, 6% of it played video games in 2020 and, in 2021, it is 7%. As for the age of 10-19, 17% of users were interested in video games in 2020, and, in 2021, their number decreased to 16%.

The tendency of slight changes in the annual percentage is followed by almost all age categories. However, the fact that 50+ Germans who are fond of video games is the largest category shows that this entertainment challenges stereotypes. It is also worth mentioning that, among average players aged 37 years, 48% are women and 52% are men. The research also shows that six in ten Germans prefer to play games.

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