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Veikkaus’ Pilot Project Is Expanded with More Slots

10 November 2020, 11:29
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As it was informed in the news about the casino market in Finland, Veikkaus, a state-based operator, had added its identification measures to twenty new slot machines.

Veikkaus’ Pilot Project Is Expanded with More Slots

November 10 is the official date of the implementation. However, if the pilot project succeeds, the company is going to apply this functionality at the country level next year.

How does the program work?

To make a long story short, Veikkaus implements the mandatory identification system in its slot games. It means that players will need to have a special card, which will allow them to get access to a gambling product. If a player doesn’t have an identity card, he or she can use a bank card (which should be added to the operator’s database), or an authorized mobile software.

These measures are aimed at bringing more responsibility to gambling and getting more control over players to protect them from the negative effects of this entertainment type. The company’s director has commented on the expansion, saying that, with more slot machines added, the operator gets more opportunities to improve the functionality by testing it. It will result in a perfect final version, which will be launched soon.

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