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Veikkaus Demands Obligatory Age Verification for Gambling

28 August 2020, 12:04
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According to some news, gambling regulations in Finland may change in the nearest future if Veikkaus, the state-owned operator, convinces the government to implement the date for the enactment of obligatory age verification.

Veikkaus Demands Obligatory Age Verification for Gambling

Veikkaus has addressed the Finnish government with the demand to fix the date for the implementation of a new set of measures related to players’ authentication for gaming arcades. This law will help to develop a safer gaming environment and promote responsible gambling in the country.

Veikkaus wants new regulations to come into force next year

The thing is that Finland’s government supports the idea of age restriction measures, but it is going to introduce them in 2023. However, Veikkaus suggests that they have to be enacted next year. In addition to age verification, the group will also call for other amendments to current gambling regulations. For example, it recommends setting the limits for the maximum amount of money lost by a player in land-based slot machines.

Veikkaus senior vice president of sales and channels has commented on these measures, saying that they want to create solutions, which will help to control online and offline gaming. Obligatory verification is one of them because it will eliminate gambling by minors. When playing Veikkaus’ slots, players will be asked to provide their ID to confirm that they are eligible to gamble.

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