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Veikkaus Adopts Historical Reform: Identification for Slots

16 January 2021, 16:51
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The mandatory identification for slot machine players became the most important news about the gambling industry in Finland.

Veikkaus Adopts Historical Reform: Identification for Slots

The monopolist decided to impose new restrictions, aiming to eliminate damage from the gambling industry.

Veikkaus’s goal – authentication in all gambling games

The new ID requirement is included in Veikkaus’s program focused on the prevention of gambling addiction and reducing the risks of underage citizens’ involvement in gambling entertainment. Under the project, the operator intends to implement authentication in all types of gambling entertainment by 2023. Very soon, in July 2021, identification will be also applied to gambling arcades.

At the current time, only slot machines are subject to a new law. With nearly 10 000 slots installed by Veikkaus in the country, the operator decreased their number in 2020. The monopolist notes that it is ready to cut down the number of its devices to accelerate authentication deploying in the gambling market.

The mandatory identification has come into force on January 12, though gambling venues are closed due to the pandemic. When things go back to normal, it is expected that the reform will help gambling addicts to control themselves. For instance, they will be able to restrict themselves from visiting gambling establishments. In addition to this, players can take control of their gambling activity.

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