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US Gambling Revenue Hits New Record

12 May 2021, 17:03
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According to the news in finance, the American gaming market has generated a record-breaking revenue during the first quarter of this year.

US Gambling Revenue Hits New Record

These data have been collected and represented by the American Gaming Association (AGA). It informs that the US market has shown a strong performance at the beginning of 2021.

The industry has the highest GGR this time

Despite the pandemic’s influence on the gaming industry in the US, it could revive after lockdowns and get back to normal, bringing even better results. The AGA has provided the latest information, which proves that the total GGR of the first quarter has increased by more than four percent in comparison to the same period in 2019. Moreover, it is an over 17% growth in comparison to 2020’s Q1, which has been affected by the pandemic immensely. In general, the US gambling industry has generated 11 billion dollars in this year’s first quarter.

If to consider the market’s GGR by sectors, it should be highlighted that slots vertical generated the biggest revenue share – over six billion dollars (the increase by 10% in comparison to 2020). Table games’ gross gaming revenue is 1.6 billion dollars, which is a twelve-percent decrease by contrast to the previous year’s results. Although the sports betting sector has an income of only 961 million dollars, it is a 270% growth. Online gambling showed excellent performance as well, rising by almost 240%.

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