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UK’s Online Poker Licensees Need to Follow New IGRG’s Rules

5 October 2020, 16:59
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Detailed information about the next version of the IGRG’s requirements has already appeared in poker news.

UK’s Online Poker Licensees Need to Follow New IGRG’s Rules

The update of the guidelines has made online poker operators change some aspects of their promotion strategies as new rules require even more attention to consumer protection. Regulations have come into force on October 1.

Code for responsible advertising

The new code provides guidelines for licensees with all dos and don’ts for their advertising campaigns. This touches upon sponsorships, promotions on social media channels, television advertising, affiliate activity, banners on sites, and other ads available to consumers.

In general, the main goal of the sixth edition, as well as previous requirements, is to deliver the importance of social responsibility messaging to online poker platform owners. According to the code, license holders should place a call for responsible gambling wherever it is possible. The IGRG has also provided examples of text that operators can use to push for reasonable gambling. In addition to the 6th edition of the requirements, licensees should follow the Committee’s of Advertising Practice separate set of rules for iGaming advertising.

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