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UK’s Online Gambling Verticals Faced Decline

21 September 2020, 11:36
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According to the latest reports and news, gambling verticals in Great Britain have considerably fallen in revenue because of the crisis caused by the COVID-19.

UK’s Online Gambling Verticals Faced Decline

Although the land-based gambling market has started to recover, the online sector still suffers from a decrease in revenue. As the Gambling Commission informs, the most influential operators in the country that have the greatest market share have reported the downturn to €68.5 million.

What is the current situation with the gambling sectors?

The Commission representatives have noted that it is rather difficult to compare the figures with the previous year as the lockdown has impacted the gambling industry. There has been a long suspension of its operation, and, even after the resume, players need to follow certain healthcare guidelines.

That is why the gross gambling yield generated by the online sports betting sector has decreased by 3.8%. At the same time, when the market continued its operation and sports events began to take place, the overall number of online wagering increased by 4.6%. As for online slots, the decline didn’t pass by them – this vertical decreased by more than two percent. The revenue from other virtual casino products also fell down by 3.6%, including poker (22.7%), and its popularity during the lockdown didn’t help it to improve the overall revenue. The same situation goes with esports betting and wagering on virtual sports – these verticals continue to drop.

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