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UK’s Lotto Will Be Impossible via Credit Cards Soon

26 January 2021, 11:18
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The National Lottery officials decided to reduce problematic gambling by eliminating credit cards from the payment process. Login Casino follows the latest lottery news and explains in more detail the upcoming changes.

UK’s Lotto Will Be Impossible via Credit Cards Soon

The British National Lottery announced it would exclude credit cards from the payment procedures in the nearest future. According to the sources, no one will be able to link a credit card to the account from February 4. However, the procedure of unlinking credit cards from the existing accounts will be a bit longer.

It’s a part of the renewed responsible gambling campaign, which goes in parallel with the scalable review of the whole gambling sector in Great Britain. National Lottery customers have already received appropriate emails that inform them about the upcoming update and inability to use cards for lotto games.

Why are credit cards the issue?

The UK’s Gambling Commission representatives are concerned with the level of addiction and vulnerability across the population. Commission sees credit cards as the direct link to uncontrolled financial harm that punters can face by playing lotteries.

Interestingly, the National Lottery offers users to automatically make the same numbers’ bet on every lottery draw. The payment is also made automatically via a link card to the account, promoting uncontrolled gambling.

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