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Ukrainian Gaming Week Is Postponed to the Next Year

25 November 2020, 16:21
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Ukrainian Gaming Week organizers had to postpone the event due to the extension of the adaptive quarantine in the country until December 31, 2020, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ukrainian Gaming Week Is Postponed to the Next Year

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Besides, the government has toughened the rules for mass events. Restrictions have touched upon the number of attendees at such events.

Smile-Expo, the organizer of the Ukrainian Gaming Week exhibition, takes a serious approach to ensuring safety at the event and wants to make sure that attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and media partners do not expose themselves to the risk of catching the infection and stay healthy.

Furthermore, the organizer team is willing to realize the whole event program. However, due to new requirements of the Ukrainian government, it is not possible to organize the exhibition in the expected scope as well as to organize quality networking.

As far as UGW aims to unite representatives of the gambling field from all over the world, everyone interested needs to have a possibility to get to the event irrespective of the country of residence. But taking into account that different countries are strengthening quarantine measures, foreign exhibitors and guests may face difficulties when traveling to Ukraine.

Therefore, in current circumstances, the organizer has decided to postpone Ukrainian Gaming Week to 2021. 

The new date of UGW: February 24-25.

Postponement of the event to a later date allows securing everyone who declared participation in the exhibition or planned to attend as a guest.

Moreover, the decision to host Ukrainian Gaming Week in 2021 enables organizers to form an even more intense program and ensure seamless access to the event for both Ukrainian and foreign delegates and attendees.

Ukrainian Gaming Week is the largest, after the legalization of the gambling business, industry event that will bring together industry leaders interested in the revival of the legal gambling market in Ukraine. 

The event’s program involves a two-day exhibition of gambling products and services, a conference featuring lawmakers, Ukrainian and foreign experts, an open lecture session, UGW Awards, and a party.

Currently, Ukraine is not the only country where quarantine measures have been toughened to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Aiming to stabilize the epidemiologic situation, new restrictions are introduced in Poland, Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and other countries.      

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