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Ukrainian Cybersport Receives Official Status as Part of Sports

8 September 2020, 17:54
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On September 8, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine recognized cybersport as the country's official sport. Ukrainian Esports Federation (UESF) gained the leading role in the issues related to esports and can now cooperate with IESF as the country's official representative.

Ukrainian Cybersport Receives Official Status as Part of Sports

As almost all the latest cybersport news admit the esports popularity growth, the Ukrainian government added this direction to the official sports list. Even though the International Esports Federation (IESF) has been cooperating with UESF for a long time, now this collaboration receives a more official status.

The representatives of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine claimed that this is a big step towards a prospective direction. Thus, Alexander Bornyakov stated that cybersports had already become an inevitable element of modern culture in Ukraine. In fact, there are plenty of cybersport organizations in Ukraine which have a worldwide reputation, and adopting esports directions will help them to develop.

What does esports adoption in Ukraine mean in practice?

As UESF is a member of the International Esports Federation, the Ukrainian gaming community has to see better standardization, regulation, and world events in the state. Such a step should also facilitate appropriate direction in education, while the country will be better prepared to participate in cybersport during the Olympic Games. Another vital element relates to business, which should have wider opportunities to develop related spheres without meeting the legislation's opposition.

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