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Ukraine’s Government Establishes Gambling Commission

24 September 2020, 12:27
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The main gambling news in Ukraine is the creation of a special commission that will be responsible for industry regulation.

Ukraine’s Government Establishes Gambling Commission

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has established the commission, which will control gambling and lottery in the country and has approved the provisions for the new regulatory body. The decision was made at the special meeting. As Oleg Nemchinov, the minister of the Cabinet of Ministers has informed, the commission will consist of 230 staff members.

In addition to the regulator, the government has also created a working group, which will help it to get prepared for the operation. It is expected that the working group will develop licensing conditions as well as the system for online monitoring and the register with the information about gambling operators. 

What are the regulator’s duties?

According to the ministers, the major task of the commission is, first of all, to perform as a licensing authority for the industry. The regulatory body will issue, suspend, and prolong licenses, monitor, and control the business operations of its holders. This will help to maintain the transparent and regulated gambling market and get additional profit to the state coffers. It is also worth mentioning that the establishment of the commission is required under the Gambling Act.

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