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Ukraine Received the First Fully Legal Betting Operator

3 March 2021, 18:02
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The Ukrainian Gambling Commission (KRAIL) presented the document that confirmed the legality of Parimatch as the first official bookmaker in the country. The LoginCasino team follows the most interesting news in bookmaking, describing the first case for the Ukrainian gambling sector.

Ukraine Received the First Fully Legal Betting Operator

As Ukraine joined the general trend of gambling legalization, KRAIL began the licensing process. While the first cases were related to casinos, now the governmental body confirmed the full legal right of Parimatch to hold a betting activity in both land-based and digital sectors. In the online sector, it will be available under the domain

Interestingly, the company isn't new for the Ukrainian bettors as it has already been present in the country but in a semi-legal status. The former Ukrainian law allowed covering bookmaking activity under the pari-mutuel lottery permission, and Parimatch was one of the most active market players. Now it receives a huge advantage and can be calm because of its activity in Ukraine, while others have to wait until receiving a license. Although the license will be fully legal only after paying the appropriate fees and taxes, it's a matter of days or weeks to become a frontman firm in Ukrainian betting.

What is the situation with Ukraine gambling licenses in general?

Even though KRAIL has started giving licenses, there are plenty of unresolved issues to regulate. However, aspects like advertising are complicated enough even in countries with huge experience in gambling regulation, while Ukraine will be resolving them underway. The LoginCasino team will continue covering the most interesting aspects related to gambling regulation in Ukraine.

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