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Ukraine Finally Legalizes the Gambling Industry

15 July 2020, 12:24
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According to news about gambling in Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada has approved the bill that now allows both land-based and online casinos to operate in the territory of the country.

Ukraine Finally Legalizes the Gambling Industry

The 2285-d bill means much for the gambling business because Ukrainian operators have the legal right to provide casino services. The law permits such activities as playing in casinos (virtual and land-based), betting in bookmakers, including dedicated websites, playing poker on online platforms, and lotteries. The first reading of the legislation took place in December, but it wasn't successful and was postponed for the second reading.

Operators will need to adhere to certain rules

The primary goal of the law is to regulate the gambling business in Ukraine and make it transparent. That is why gambling services providers will need to operate legally and comply with all the requirements. One of them, for example, applies to brick-and-mortar gambling establishments – they have to be located only in three-, four-, or five-star hotels, depending on the services they provide.

What are the requirements for licensees, and how much does a license cost?

All gambling companies that want to become a gambling license holder will have to comply with the list of requirements. For instance, gambling websites should have the .ua domain extension, provide full information about the operator, including the license number, and place a clock for time checking.

As for the license cost, it also varies depending on what type of gambling services a company provides:

  • land-based casinos – €1 920 000 (Kyiv), €960 000 (other cities);
  • virtual casinos – €624 000 (before online monitoring), €208 000 (after online monitoring);
  • sports betting – €2 880 000 (before online monitoring), €960 000 (after online monitoring);
  • gambling machines – €240 000;
  • online poker – €160 000.

In comparison to European countries, a license cost is quite high. For example, an online casino licensing in France will cost operators €20 000 on average, in Spain – €10 000 per single license, but, in Italy, it costs €350 000 plus VAT.

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