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Ukraine Adopts Gambling Bill in the First Reading

16 January 2020, 13:52
Votes: 1

The bill number 2285-д, which was put forward to the vote during the regular session of Verkhovna Rada, finally got the green light. Therefore, gambling legalization in Ukraine moved to the next stage.

Ukraine Adopts Gambling Bill in the First Reading

The voting was meant to support or reject the Bill on the State Regulation of Activities Related to Gambling Conducting and Organizing”, registration number 2285-д.

Before the start of the voting process politicians received an opportunity to express their party’s opinion regarding the prospects of gambling legalization in Ukraine in general and the document 2285-д in particular.

Despite several negative remarks, the result is as follows: 260 deputies supported the bill, 108 – rejected, 10 – refrained, and 22 did not take part in voting.

Results according to fractions:

  • Servant of the People – 231 (supported);
  • Opposition Platform – For Life, European Solidarity, Fatherland and Voice – rejected;
  • Deputy group Trust – 15 (supported);
  • Deputy group Solidarity – 9 (supported);
  • 5 deputies, who do not belong to any fraction, also supported the bill.

As mentioned earlier, speakers of the KiAC, which took place on December 18, expressed their opinion regarding gambling legalization in Ukraine.

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