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UKGC’s Report: Gambling Industry Sectors’ Performance in Figures

15 November 2020, 10:56
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According to the latest report provided by the UK Gambling Commission, the casino news and tendencies aren’t very positive in all industry sectors.

UKGC’s Report: Gambling Industry Sectors’ Performance in Figures

The report shows how the gambling industry in Great Britain reacts to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what changes occur during this period in terms of revenue and other metrics.

The UK gambling business sees both, increase and decrease

The study is based on the period of March-September 2020, and its data help the Commission to understand how the lockdown influences customers, gambling services providers, and the market in general. It allows the executive body to assess risks connected with the industry and protect consumers from them.

Providing a short overview of every segment, the Commission has specified data on its achievements and losses. For example, the absence of events led to a considerable drop in sports betting in August – by twenty-one percent. In September, the situation changed for the better with the increase in gross gambling yield by fifteen percent. Moreover, the increase was in both bettors’ activity and the number of bets.

Interestingly, the online slots vertical didn’t succeed during this period: players made fewer stakes, which led to a four-percent drop in GGY. The revenue of £157 million generated in September became the lowest fixed rate during the pandemic. At the same time, from August to September, the involvement in this sector grew because the number of active users increased by six percent.

These research data are confirmed by real figures, which indicate that the market has experienced several changes between August-September 2020. For instance, the number of active bettors grew by fourteen percent, but only in the real events vertical. The virtual events segment didn’t see any spike in the activity.


In general, the gross gambling yield across the gambling industry sectors in Great Britain was marked more by drops. The casino and poker markets’ GGY was reduced by five percent, the virtual betting sector’s – by nine percent. Wagering on esports had the worst results – its 28% decline became an unpleasant surprise for the market participants.

Speaking about the money equivalents of these revenue downturns, they looked like this in September:

  • Casino vertical – £56 585 051;
  • Slot machines –  £157 426 320;
  • Poker – £7 898 358;
  • Sports betting – £189 653 997;
  • Virtual sports betting – £6 088 550;
  • Esports betting – £1 310 019.

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