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UKGC Reminded Operators about Customer Protection

12 January 2021, 13:04
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As Great Britain was urged to impose lockdown again because the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic changed to worse, the UK Gambling Commission took the opportunity to remind operators about customer protection measures.

UKGC Reminded Operators about Customer Protection

According to the UK’s gambling news, the Commission has prepared a report that reflects the industry’s problems and risks that it poses to players during such an unstable and difficult period.

GC expects more vigilance from operators during the lockdown

Addressing gambling services providers, the UK Gambling Commission has asked them to be especially vigilant against hazards that the market can create now. It calls on operators to continue following tightened restrictions and not take advantage of the lockdown for promotional goals.

The Commission notes that the majority of UK citizens will stay home and search for online entertainment. It means that they are exposed to risks connected with digital casinos, especially those people who gamble daily. That is why the regulator asks gambling services providers to pay attention to new customers who join online casinos and cases of excessive gambling.

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