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UKGC Celebrates Its Improved Online Portal for Licensees

21 August 2020, 11:25
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The UK Gambling Commission has announced the efficiency of its improved system in recent news about gambling.

UKGC Celebrates Its Improved Online Portal for Licensees

UKGC has confirmed that its updated online portal that has been launched in 2019 is a successful and efficient product that helps license holders immensely. Its main aim is to allow licensees to maintain their obligations easily. This digital platform plays the role of a hub for operators where they can manage their licenses and control all processes connected with it.

The service has an extensive list of advantages

It goes without saying that the process of license management isn’t an easy task. Moreover, it often becomes a big challenge for gambling companies as they need to monitor everything connected with compliance constantly.

The UKGC online system has become the solution to this problem. According to the data provided by the commission, its launch has decreased time expenditure on license management significantly – by seventy-seven percent. These figures are impressive because they mean that operators are involved in this task for twelve days, instead of the previous fifty-three. License holders have confirmed that the new digital platform allows them to maintain their documentation with less time spent on this.

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