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UK Operators Try to Influence Regulations via False Data

18 January 2021, 14:44
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British operators have been accused of using fake reports and news about the betting sector in the country.

UK Operators Try to Influence Regulations via False Data

By doing this, the industry participants try to influence the future government’s decisions about imposing tougher restrictions on the market.

The black market as the source of damage

The UK regulator, Gambling Commission, has recently provided its opinion on the survey conducted by a consulting firm. The UKGC chief has noted that the report results don’t reflect a truthful market overview. According to the data provided by the firm, 200 000 British citizens spend near 1.5 billion pounds on illegal betting.

The regulator doesn’t consider the figures reliable because they lack facts. That is why its head recommends not to trust this information completely. In his opinion, the black market’s share is exaggerated as operators pay research companies sometimes to use facts while opposing stricter regulations. This study, for example, implies that the government shouldn’t limit licensed bookmakers because restrictions will result in customers’ switch to illegal gambling. It is evident that having this report, operators try to protect their revenue as well as reduce the possibility of harsher gambling law.

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