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UK Operators Offer Compromise to Avoid Sponsorship Ban

10 February 2021, 10:54
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The information about UK operators’ decision to submit a proposal related to the ban on problem gamblers has appeared in the latest betting news.

UK Operators Offer Compromise to Avoid Sponsorship Ban

Gambling companies in Great Britain see a serious threat in the prohibition of sponsorship contracts between bookmakers and football clubs. They want to ask for a compromise and apply new restrictions at the industry-wide level.

Operators join forces to stand against the sponsorship ban 

Currently, several companies are ready to team up to propose the solution for the problem of gambling’s negative effect. One of them has noted that ninety-six percent of the overall revenue comes from responsible gamblers. High-risk players generate the other four percent, however, this percentage is quite low in comparison to safe betting.

Earlier, the representatives of the UK government, namely the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, were reviewing the gambling legislation and decided to add the ban on shirt sponsorships in football. This news became a great disappointment for the sportsbook market, which used to get considerable income from these collaborations. That is why operators want to offer a compromise: to restrict high-risk gamblers from using their services. They say that it is possible to do this by analyzing players’ data and detecting those users who seem to be prone to excessive gambling.

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